Saturday, February 6, 2010

WCF Binding box

The other day I was looking for the custom binding equivalent of a binary http binding with windows integrated security. 

As everyone who had the pleasure of doing this knows, dealing with WCF configuration is not straight forward. There are so many options and little caveats you need to get right it quickly becomes something of jfgi problem.

Enter the wcf binding box application!

This is an invaluable little tool that will let you convert any existing binding to it’s custom binding equivalent!

Get them while they’re hot

With the release of .net 4.0 looming (12th of april) books are starting to appear.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to, in the probable order in which these will appear on my iRex digital reader:

- Programming WCF services, 3rd edition

- CLR via C# 3rd edition

- C# in depth 2nd edition

- Pro business applications with silverlight 4

- Silverlight in action, revised edition